Will Sasso’s ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving’ Vine Clips Get Nearly 2 MM Views on YouTube

If there’s anyone on Vine — Twitter’s app where you can shoot and post six-second videos — doing it right, it is comedian Will Sasso. In case the name doesn’t sound familiar, back when YouTube and Vine didn’t exist, I used to watch this Saturday night sketch comedy show called “MadTV.”  In some ways, it was funnier and edgier than SNL, and Sasso would do these spot-on imitations of personalities like Bill Clinton, and my personal favorite, Arnold “Ahh-nuld” Schwarzenegger.

Recently, Sasso brought back Ahh-nuld for a series of Vine clips called “Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving,” where the heavily accented Austrian American drives around, gets frustrated at silly drivers and belts out some Neil Diamond classics like “Forever in Blue Jeans” and “Sweet Caroline” while smoking a stogie. It’s what you’d expect from Will Sasso, version 2.0.

A YouTuber edited all 14 parts of Sasso’s Vine series and posted them on his channel. Since then, it has clocked in at nearly two million views. See Ahh-nuld in action in this video above.

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