Will ‘Vadering’ Meme Choke The Life Out Of ‘Hadokening’? [GALLERY]

Memes come and go, but this latest meme makes us wonder why we haven’t thought of it sooner.

You may remember last week’s “Hadokening” picture meme where various people make it appear like they’re blasting their friends away with a fireball trick found in the “Street Fighter” video game  series.

Well, someone on Twitter named Rob Martinez took the best parts of the “Hadokening” meme and created a somewhat similar meme based on the “Star Wars” trilogy. Remember those scenes where Darth Vader used the Force and choked his commanders because he finds their “lack of faith disturbing”? Yup, it’s now a meme, and “Star Wars” fans worldwide are probably wondering why “Tebowing” and “Planking” came out before this.

Like “Hadokening,” “Vadering” is a simple concept. One person mimics the Darth Vader choking gesture while the other person pretends to float up in the air as his windpipe gets crushed. Of course, telling you about “Vadering” isn’t good enough, so here are ten examples of this long-overdue meme for your inspiration.

Many of the photos come from @vadering_photos, so do check them out.