Woman’s Reaction Upon Hearing News She Is Going To Be A Grandma Is Both Sweet and Terrifying [VIDEO]


Well that’s one way to show you’re excited to be a grandparent.

Readers, I try to not be a judgmental person. After all, I have some quirks of my own that people don’t understand, like my fear of styrofoam and my refusal to to write with blue pens. And while these things might seem weird, I want us all to remember that everyone is special in their own way. Just repeat that motto while watching the “Telling the Inlaws We’re Pregnant” YouTube video because, even through my non-judgmental eyes, the mother-in-law in the video has taken quirky to a whole new level (please turn the volume all the way up on your computer for the full effect of the video).

Expectant parents Michael and Ashley decided to surprise their parents by telling them they were expecting their first child at their father-in-law Carl’s 60th birthday. Wanting to capture the moment forever — and now they’ll probably be able to sell it to “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and make a fortune — the couple film Carl opening his present: a pair of “Grandpa” shoes and a card with a sonogram in it. Alright, so far it just seems like a normal video, nothing to be alarmed about.

But just like a sneak attack from a ninja, the video takes a dark and drastic turn 28 seconds in when mother-in-law Hope lets out a bloodcurdling scream of enthusiasm upon hearing the news. It’s both sweet and terrifying at the same time as she carries on a screaming and crying fit around the kitchen. Just play it on repeat for some good YouTube fun. So good luck, unborn grandbaby. I doubt that is the last time you’ll hear that angelic scream in your lifetime, you lucky kid.


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