World’s Worst Parking Job Now On YouTube (Insert Lame Joke About Lady Drivers) [VIDEO]

I learned a few things about myself while watching the above video, which the internet has gone ahead and classified officially as code red, burning hot, totally viral. The first is this: I’m not crazy about Irish accents.

This is a problem because the aforementioned video of a young woman trying hopelessly to parallel park takes place in Belfast, where no less than three young men shout in a language I’m going to assume is English.

The second lesson learned today involves the realization that the word “viral” is being used much too liberally. If watching someone try to park for 15 minutes counts as “viral,” then christ, we should start working on setting that virality bar a bit higher. Remember when internet gold was reserved solely for “Chocolate Rain” and the “Tron” guy?

*Looks into the distance nostalgically. A single tear falls from left eye.*

If you’ve got a spare 15 minutes and a low standard for entertainment, check out the above video.


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