Yahoo Unveils New Original Programming, Partnerships With WWE & Conde Nast


Over the past year, Yahoo has made big moves within the digital video industry. Yahoo first shook up newsfeeds after it was rumored that the internet corporation was in talks with YouTube competitor DailyMotion to buy a majority stake in the site.

Additionally, earlier this week in a surprise powerplay, Yahoo acquired the rights to stream “Saturday Night Live” exclusively, taking the sketch show away from its longtime home at Hulu.

In a NewFront exhibition held last night in New York, Yahoo announced their plans to begin rolling out original programming in the vein of Hulu and Netflix as well as new partnership deals with massive entertainment providers like the WWE, Conde Nast and CNBC.

These partnerships will introduce a new batch of shows streaming only on Yahoo, including a full slate of WWE shows and the Diane Sawyer vehicle “World News Beyond The Headlines” courtesy of ABC News.

Yahoo is also developing a full schedule of comedy and lifestyle programming that will be released later this year. Notable among the Yahoo originals are “Tiny Commando,” created by Ed Helms of “The Hangover” and “The Office” fame, as well as “Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos,” a show where John Stamos talks to celebrities about their first sexual encounters. Sure, I’d watch that.

It isn’t often that a massive media corporation makes these types of “new media” deals so publicly. Typically, when a company like Hulu or Netflix inks deals, it’s among the shadows and announced to the public well after the legal matters are said and done. With Yahoo remaining so transparent about their dealings, it looks like the internet company is making it crystal clear that they have few concerns about taking on Netflix and Hulu.


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