[UPDATED] Yogscast Gets Flagged Over False Complaint, Loses Nearly 1.8 Billion Views on Same Day


[Update 4/25/13 8:52 a.m. PST] The Yogscast’s nearly two billion views have been restored and as of last count is at 1,873,405,434 video views.

As for why their channel was flagged down, the Yogscast team are still in the dark. Mark Turpin of Yogscast said to NMR: “We’ve shared all the correspondence that we received from YouTube regarding the account termination. Obviously Lewis isn’t under 13 years old but somehow YouTube’s automation got a little bit confused. We are hopeful that this won’t happen again and all of the videos have been correctly restored. Our analytics behind the scenes still show our view count at over 1.8 billion video views and we are confident that this will be reflected correctly over time on the channel homepage. We are still committed to providing regular, high quality content across the Yogscast family, and apart from everyone here at YogTowers making jokes about Lewis now being a minor, nothing has changed! :)”

Yogscast’s YouTube channel was temporarily flagged down today over a false complaint that the site was run by under-13’s, which is in violation of the Terms of Service.

Hannah of Yogscast acknowledged that someone had flagged the channel in a tweet earlier today: “we are aware that the main channel has been falsely flagged and we are looking into it ASAP – Hannah.”

Lewis of Yogscast went on Twitter to post an email by YouTube, stating that they were notified that the owner of the account was under 13 years of age.

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The email added: “Any accounts found to be controlled by individuals under 13 will be terminated. We have terminated your account accordingly.”

However, the Yogscast channel is back in service, but with some irregularities. A close look at the video views count shows that it is now at around 134.9 million, a nearly 93 percent drop from its’ previous billion plus views. According to VidStatsX, as late as Tuesday, the channel was close to reaching the two-billion mark with nearly 1.9 billion views.

Yogscast hasn’t said much about the sudden purging of video views, but it could be either an irregularity or YouTube’s continued effort to purging unintentional views and pop-under views, much like they’ve done with content creators like DeStorm (Check out DeStorm’s guest article about YouTube’s view count irregularities here), MysteryGuitarMan and Ryan Higa as well as mainstream artists like Lady Gaga.

We reached out to Yogscast about these irregularities and we’ll post any comments from them as soon as we can.

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