YouTube Creator Playbooks Now Available For Specific Genres, i.e. Music, Sports, Education

So the YouTube Gods apparently are listening … unlike real God who doesn’t seem to care that I want a sweet new Huffy bike with shocks and maybe a mini flag.

Just announced via the YouTube Creator blog, the company has put out a series of guides with tailored tips to your style of video. Consider it a companion piece to the established (and more generalized) creator playbook we all know and love. Now offered are specialized playbooks on the following topics: music, sports, nonprofits, education and media companies.

Basically, YouTube is giving you their millions of dollars’ worth of time, effort and research to make your channel better for free. You should probably take advantage of this. Me, on the other hand, I’m waiting until they come out with a playbook for creating better “medical fraud” videos. Scam your doctor out of millions — ask me how!

The medical fraud-less guides can be found here.

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