YouTube Gives House, Senate Members Live Streaming Ability on their Channels


YouTube announced today that it is working with the United States Congress to improve congress members’ YouTube pages, giving them the ability to live stream video from the House floor and other constituency events.

In announcements made by the House’s Committee on House Administration and the Senate Rules Committee, the YouTube live stream service will be provided to House and Senate members at no cost.

Robert Kyncl, vice president of YouTube content partnerships, explained the impact of the video streaming site’s collaboration with the United States Congress: “Live video is already allowing elected officials and their constituents to reach one another in innovative ways. Thousands tuned in to YouTube to watch the president’s State of the Union address and the corresponding Republican response this February. Engagement is growing across many types of platforms — Google+ Hangouts, for example, have sparked face-to-face conversations on topics ranging from gun control to the national economy and have allowed people on the other side of the world to share their stories at Congressional hearings.”

The addition of live stream technology for individual YouTube congressional channels will be another way for citizens to stay connected with their elected officials. The White House has been connected in much the same way with its YouTube channel since President Barack Obama took over in 2009.

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