YouTube Superstar iJustine Signs With Mega-Agency UTA

iJustine just signed with the University of Texas at Arlington?

That’s what I thought at least when I heard via the Hollywood Reporter that Justine Ezarik had signed with “UTA.” Turns out though that “UTA” also means United Talent Agency — as in the Hollywood talent management company who handles Allison Grodner, Josh Shipp and SallyAnn Salsano. Don’t know them, eh? Well how about some of their other clients: Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford and Gwyneth Paltrow?

Yeah, our friend iJustine is poised to become a megastar, and since there is only room in the limo for one more person (it’s a small limo, okay?) she’s decided to take me — her manager (we’ll talk later, iJustine).

UTA and Ezarik should be a perfect fit for one another, as with her 3 million YouTube subscribers, 1.7 million Twitter followers and endorsement deals with Doritos, Nikon and Skittles (amongst many others) she’s clearly someone that people want to see more of. And UTA can take her to the next level. Hopefully it will be for something more substantial than Reporter # 3 on an episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful” though.

On her signing with UTA, Justine told NMR:

I’m super excited to be teaming up with UTA. There is so much more that I want to do as well as continuing to make YouTube videos for my online friends.  Having a great team to help bring these ideas to life is amazing!

I won’t ever give up editing my own content.. even as time consuming as it is, but I do look forward to working on bigger projects outside of my channel. My favorite part of working on traditional Hollywood things (TV, hosting, etc) is being able to share the behind the scenes with my audience and show them what goes into creating the final project.

But, of course, super congrats for her on winning the genetic lottery and ascending to live amongst the gods, while ugly people like me are stuck interviewing the remaining turds in the toilet. Oh … you fine folks heard that? I meant “future superstars in training.” You know I love you all …

Take me with you, iJustine!

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