Happy 8th Birthday, YouTube: The 8 Videos That Helped Shape YouTube

7. “LonelyGirl15” — June 16, 2006 ? 4,582,384

Behold, the rise of the modern blogger. Yes, she turned out to be this generation’s Milli Vanilli, but LonelyGirl15 was absolutely instrumental in birthing the current format of the “web celebrity” or “cewebrity” if you want to say it like that sad dog “Droopy” from the old MGM cartoons. See, lonely girl “Bree” (a part acted by Jessica Rose) felt very real and angsty and attractive, and we all bought in hard. That made it all the easier for real teens who were angsty and attractive to open up their world to us.

6. “Gangnam Style” — July 15th, 2012 ? 1,552,517,994

People will likely complain that “Gangnam Style” isn’t number 1 on the list. After all, it is the only video to ever break 1 billion views by itself. But here’s the thing: this video is important in the pantheon of YouTube now, but give it time. Other videos will break that 1 billion view mark, and down the road you will wonder why you were so passionate about this whole fad in the first place. Will you be as passionate about “Gangnam Style” in eight years? Considering how most people feel about “Numa Numa” now, I’m guessing nope.

5. “Forever Wedding” — Jul. 19, 2009 ? 80,480,281

Chris Brown song be damned, this insanely cool wedding video stands alone at the top of the altar in terms of “doing stuff neatly.” Sure, people had gimmicks in their life before this vid came out, but this video made gimmicks mandatory. After this video, you couldn’t have normal weddings or engagements without looking like tools. Of course, nowadays, if you tried to pull this crap at your wedding, you’d get an ass full of cowboy boot, so I will be curious to see if this vid sticks around on the “year nine” list.

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