YouTube Voice Actor Recites a Dr. Seuss Story In 68 Accents: Is it Impressive or Racist? [VIDEO]

YouTuber and voice actor Brizzy has taken on the challenge of reciting Dr. Seuss’s beloved story “Oh The Places You’ll Go” in 68 different accents from countries all around the world. She delivers each line with a different accent starting in California and ending on the great continent of Asia. Brizzy is known in the YouTube world, as well as on Big Frame’s digital media community Wonderly, for her videos of voice impressions of 90s character cartoons and famous YouTubers (her Jenna Marbles impersonation is dead-on).

Her video “68 Accents of Dr. Seuss” is different than most of Brizzy’s other videos and may have landed her in some hot water with almost every culture that she attempted to imitate. She begins her video with the disclaimer, “WARNING: Most of these are stereotypical and/or inaccurate. Don’t freak out,” which seems to just add fuel to the already burning flame of viewer critique. Below the video in the comments, there is a medley of fan support and critical contempt for her imitation of certain accents. She is talented without a doubt, but does the video capture her talent or just come off as racist? I’ll leave that one up to you to decide.

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