10 Promising Panels Every YouTuber Should Check Out At VloggerFair 2013

With the premiere of VloggerFair, Seattle will soon be swarming with aspiring and established vloggers alike. The two-day event, taking place June 8-9, will feature a variety of panels aimed at vloggers looking to hone their skills. VloggerFair will also host guest vloggers the likes of Shaycarl, who will be filming for his documentary “I’m Vlogging Here,” and NMR pal Lamarr Wilson.

Now, we here at NMR know that you have only so much time on your hands. And with VloggerFair delivering boatloads of programming for both vloggers and viewers, you won’t be able to see it all. The panels below, based on what they seem to be offering, look promising for vloggers, fans or just folks looking to learn more about vlogging.

1:1 Meet & Greet With Celebrity Vloggers

Vlog University: How Can Video Platforms Improve My Vlogging

How to Engage Viewers in Brands on Vlogs

Data-Driven Content: How Analytics Shape Vlogs

Crossing the Bridge From Blogging to Vlogging

Vlogging TV Streaming:How to Publish & Find Great Content

Checklist: Become a Vlogging Star

What is Vloggertainment? What is it to branding?

Rethinking Ad Space: Vlog Edition

What Tools Buffer the Connectino to Vloggers?

VloggerFair will also feature a mix of celebrity vloggers who will be sharing their experiences and advice. Among the massive list of guest appearances, NMR recommends you find time to catch up with veteran vlogger Shaycarl, Corey Vidal of ApprenticeA Productions, past NMR guest Jon Rettinger, comedian Peter Chao, controversial vlogger Daniel Sulzbach, YouTube legend iJustine and tech vlogger Lamarr Wilson.