3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using YouTube’s Slow Motion Editing Tool

By now you’ve heard that YouTube has officially added slomo capability to their built-in video editor. Now, no matter how mundane or anti-climactic your footage is, Michael Bay-esque slow motion glory is only a click away.

While an overuse of slow motion will almost certainly send your time-crunched audience packing, the new enhancement does have a few hidden perks if used sparingly. Here are the three best reasons to create a slowmo video.

This shit just got real [Dubstep begins playing, explosions erupt in the background. A helicopter flies overhead].

1. To Blow Your Audiences’ Minds


Take a lesson from YouTube’s The Slow Mo Guys and start turning everyday occurrences into slow motion masterpieces. Of course, if you don’t have a Phantom v1610 you won’t be able to achieve the same level of epicness as The Slow Mo Guys. However, you can still create some great footage using run-of-the-mill slow motion.

2. To Add Much Needed Comedic Value


Have you ever filmed all morning, edited the footage then uploaded it to YouTube only to realize everything you just spent your day working on was plane crash-level unfunny? Here’s an easy fix: just make it slow motion. Everything — and I mean “everything” — is funnier in slow motion. No ideas for your weekly upload? No problem, just film yourself doing laundry then add slowmo and presto — instant hilarity. But seriously, don’t do that.

3. To Look Like a Total Badass


The bottom line is this: if you are spending your days and nights uploading video to YouTube, chances are you won’t be joining SEAL Team 6 or a pro roller derby league anytime soon. Why not spice up your tough guy/girl image with a little slow motion? Taking the step from being the guy with sand kicked in your face to the one doing the sand kicking is as simple as uploading a little slow motion action footage. And if that ends up being laughably bad, just consult reason #2 above and stop going to the beach.

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