5 Great Moments From Last Night’s Live YouTube Comedy Show

It’s no secret that last night’s YouTube Comedy show did not go as well as people had hoped. Commenters flooded the replay video with feedback on how the show was just “unfunny” and how it had been overhyped. That’s also not to mention that Ed Bassmaster, one of the biggest stars in the YouTube community, was kicked out of show!

While the show was not good and we all know that, let’s also be real here too: This is YouTube’s first live comedy show, and hiccups are bound to happen. In the end, this was also a free show with an awesome lineup that YouTube graciously gave us. In an attempt to add some optimism back into the air, here are 5 moments that give us a glimmer of hope that YouTube can put on a great live comedy show again:

1. The Lonely Island & T-Pain Perform “I’m on a boat”

2. Surprise (and unplanned) appearance by Ed Bassmaster

3. Surprise appearance by Skrillex

The only time you’re going to see Skrillex spinning in front of you with ballerinas dancing around him is when you’re high on ‘shrooms or if you watched the YouTube live comedy show.

4. Justin Willman’s magic performance

5. Harley Morenstein roasting an unfunny Jeff Ross