5 Reasons Why A ‘Thumbs Down’ Isn’t A Bad Thing On A YouTube Video


This dirty internet of ours is overrun with haters, punks and pederasts. It’s kind of like the Robocop version of “Old Detroit” before Murphy comes in to start kicking ass and taking names. People love to let you know that they watched your creative submission to the world wide web and that they HATED IT. They can accomplish this via one of two ways: 1. They can leave a comment calling you a “fagit” and that “yOu OuR WoRThLEsS ANd sHoud DiE oF AIDS!” or 2. They can give you a simple “thumbs down.” Commonly, the two gestures, the comment and the “thumbs down” are thought to be one and the same. But they aren’t — not by a long shot. Here’s 5 reasons why the “thumbs down” might be one of the most useful comments you ever get.

5. It shows engagement.


A thumbs down isn’t neutral. It isn’t just somebody backing out of your page and pretending they’d never been there in the first place. Rather, a thumbs up shows that someone came and actively disliked what they saw to the point where they felt compelled to let you know. That means you’re on the right track to creating something powerful. There are enough people in this world that if your video persists, you should find a goodly amount of “thumbs up’s” as well. Take Rebecca Black’s much maligned “Friday” for instance: it got over 1 million downvotes, but it also got 257,000 upvotes. If 257,000 people like something you’ve done, it isn’t a total flop.

4. It likely isn’t mere trolling.


Trolls exist merely to anonymously cause trouble. They not only hate on anything you do, but they’re there with a sort of agenda to elicit some hatred. As such, the simple “thumbs down” isn’t really their style. A “thumbs down” doesn’t bring out the whiners and defenders of truth, justice and the American way. As such, many trolls will skip the downvote in favor of the loaded comment. And that’s good for you, because it allows you to differentiate between who is just there to decry homosexuality and who really, really dislikes your stupid visual dance interpretation of PSY’s “Gentleman.”

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