5 Reasons Why A ‘Thumbs Down’ Isn’t A Bad Thing On A YouTube Video

3. It forces you to work to guess your bad elements.


Constructive criticisms are easy. Someone comes in and says, “I don’t like the cat throwing up part.” So you go in and delete that part from your video and upvotes ensue. With a simple downvote, you have no idea what is liked or not liked. This forces you to become smarter and work harder to make a better video. There is an adage that applies here: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime (except me because I hate eating fish). If you really want to be good at YouTube and make a career out of it, you should learn to be your own biggest critic. You shouldn’t need to know from other what your problems are, you should learn to identify your weaknesses yourself.

2. It can steer you towards your strengths.


Your comedy videos get nothing but downvotes. Your striptease videos get nothing but upvotes. You’ve just learned a valuable YouTube life lesson. “Thumbs down” votes are the most pure form of “You don’t got it, kid,” out there. And in that sense, follow the “thumbs downs.” Don’t give up because of them, but know that someone who is not invested in your sense of self worth is giving you an unvarnished opinion of your content. They have nothing to lose or gain by clicking that button, so give it a little more credence than when your mom says you’re great.

1. At the end of the day, a “thumbs down” doesn’t really cost you anything.


In gladiatorial arenas way back when, a “thumbs down” meant you died (yes, yes, I know there is some debate as to the accuracy of that bit of history, but for all intents and purposes it holds true here). You either got fed to the lions, beheaded or you were made to eat the “limp biscuit.” In these sweet modern times, a “thumbs down” can mean absolutely nothing. Hell, you can make a godawful video strictly for the purpose of collecting “thumbs down” votes — it just doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, YouTube is your tube, post whatever the hell you want on it and go on whistling throughout your day.

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