5 Videos To AMP UP Your Feels For Memorial Day

It’s disheartening how many people these days don’t even know what Memorial Day is or how it differentiates from Veteran’s Day. If you fall into that category, shame on you, but, well, just know that Memorial Day honors the Armed Forces members who died fighting for our country while Veteran’s Day honors all soldiers past and present, living and dead. Sadly, it’s not like it matters, because the reality is that you are just going to spend the day nursing a hangover that you achieved because you had an opportunity to get drunk on a Sunday. Maybe though, you check out this list of 5 Memorial Day-inspired videos though, and it makes you go, “Hmm.” Probably not, but I gave it a shot.

5. “Freedom Isn’t Free” — Team America: World Police

It was between this and “America: Fuck Yeah.” This one won out because it is a little more heartfelt and somber — perfect for a day honoring dead people. The other one would fit in better on a 4th of July/patriotism list. I think this video is not only funny, but it does instill a real sense of brand loyalty in you for this thing we call America and the people who make great sacrifices for it. If something can make us laugh while making us think, well then by god, it belongs on this list. Just not as high, maybe, as some of the other videos.

4. “BBQ Coliseum” Epic Meal Time

I will say this about Epic Meal Time — when it comes to BBQing, they know exactly how to make it decadent. Building a miniature version of Greece’s famed gladiatorial arena out of ribs, bacon cheeseburgers, hot dogs and all the macaroni and cheese in the entire world seems like the perfect way to honor our fallen heroes. And frankly, indulging in this calorific pairing of food and architecture seems like the perfect way to give one’s life for this country. ‘Merica!

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