5 YouTube Channels We Would Happily Pay To Watch

Love it or hate it, paid subscriptions are coming to YouTube. Gone will be the carefree days when even the brokest of us (read: professional bloggers) could fire up YouTube and watch whatever the hell we wanted free of charge.

It’s a frightening time for those without disposable income, as the price of a monthly channel subscription registers in at around the price of one Cup Noodle. Soon, we might be presented with the metaphorical Sophie’s choice of going hungry or watching “Epic Rap Battles of History.” Wait, I don’t think I understand what “Sophie’s choice” means.

Regardless, the time has come to cast our votes as self-appointed YouTube experts. When paid subs finally roll around, here are 5 channels we would forgo a week’s worth of coffee to pay for.

5. The Needle Drop

For those of you unfamiliar with the “Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd,” the Needle Drop is one of YouTube’s best music critics/enthusiasts/analysts. This channel is updated almost daily with thorough reviews and honest recommendations. The price of $2 per month would be well spent as the Needle Drop’s reviews would save you from spending four times that on a lame album.

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