ANAR Foundation Creates Anti-Child Abuse Posters Holding Secrets Messages Only Children Can See [VIDEO]

Each year an estimated 300 million children worldwide are subjected to abuse, exploitation and violence. Dedicated to combating the growing epidemic of child abuse, the Spain-based foundation ANAR, which stands for Ayuda A Ninos Y Adolescentes En Regreso (Help For Children and Adolescents At Risk), has created an innovative printed poster holding secret anti-violence messages that only kids can see.

The foundation, along with Grey Spain, recently released the YouTube video “Solo Para Ninos (Only For Kids)” that explains the technology behind their outdoor lenticular printed posters that give information about services available for teenagers and children in at-risk situations. From an adults’ height, the poster shows a normal, though sad, looking young boy and a message raising awareness about child abuse. But to a child looking at the same poster from a shorter viewpoint, the poster completely changes, showing the same kid with a cut lip and bruises along with information on who the child can call if they are being abused. ANAR used a dual image as a way to communicate with children even if they were being accompanied by their aggressor, a common obstacle organizations face when reaching out to abused children.

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