Arnold Schwarzenegger Drops By To Remind Us That YouTube Comedy Week Is Almost Here [VIDEO]

You know, I like an Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a young man I used to watch 1977’s “Pumping Iron” on pretty much an endless loop for reasons unknown. Should my parents have worried that I was watching muscle men in black and white for hours on end? Probably.

Previously, you may have seen Schwarzenegger in classic films like “Kindergarten Cop,” “Junior,” “Twins” and 2003’s “I’m the Governor of California, Holy Shit.”

The prolific action star hit the set recently not for a remake of “Running Man” (would be great), but instead to promote YouTube’s upcoming Comedy Week launching May 19, 2013. The week-long event will feature some of comedy’s biggest names performing in a variety of live events, video releases and collaborations. Comedy Week will kick off with a live variety show hosted at L.A’s Culver Studios.

YouTube certainly knows how to tap into the nostalgia center of their viewers as Schwarzenegger can be seen making not one, but about a dozen “Terminator” jokes.

Say what you will about the guy’s politics, but Arnold has still got it. No wonder he has so many mistresses, that is one charming son of a b*tch.

Check out the video above and keep an eye out of EpicMealTime’s Harley Morenstein lumbering around like a drunken grizzly bear.

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