Author Of ‘The Me Generation’ Article Attempts To Live Like A Millennial For A Day In Vlog Style Video

You have to give the millennial generation credit: it takes a lot of concentration and effort to text, sext, Instagram, update Facebook, tweet, instant message and hold a job at the same time. Some say it’s a sickness, but I choose to think of it more as a gift. It’s hard to overlook how ridiculous the daily routine of generation Y looks from the outside after watching Time magazine’s video “Joel Stein Becomes a Millennial for a Day.”

Joel Stein is the author behind Time’s most recent cover story, “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation,” in which he argues that millennials are a lazy, entitled generation who are addicted to the fake relationships formed through social media platforms. Following the release of his cover story, Stein spent a day trying to live like a millennial by sexting his wife (it failed), taking selfie pictures, updating his Facebook at least five times day, holding meaningless Gchat conversations and texting 50 people in a span 24 hours. His conclusion? Oh, sorry, I have some texts I need to answer, so I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself in the video.

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