Awesome Mom Pranks Crybaby Son With Mean Egg Trick [BRAND NEW VIDEO]

If I had to pick a genre of YouTube videos as a “favorite,” more than “screaming sheep,” I would be inclined to choose mothers being mean to their young children. Now I’m not talking full-bore Casey Anthony here, but something in between that and Peg Bundy works just fine with me. In the past, I’ve covered the mom who gave her kid a bong hit and the mom who made her son think he’d accidentally bought a car online. But now, when we are oh-so-close to Mother’s Day, we have a new contender for MILF — Mom I’d Like to Feature (that’s what that means, right?).

This mysterious lady, who never learned the correct way to hold a cameraphone, pulls the old egg trick on her two young boys. Now the camera moves pretty quickly here, but apparently one of the little boys is a young Axl Rose wearing assless chaps or something. The other is the designated whiny crybaby who most likely deserves what he gets.

For those of you who never learned it, the egg trick is when you crack a hollowed out egg shell on your head and then coax someone else to do it with the promise that you will magically empty theirs as well. SPLAT! Mostly it works on children and the elderly. Bonus points though if the egg is one of those disgusting ones that has the little chicken embryo in it and your kids have to learn a hard lesson about what is really in their breakfast.

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