BangWithFriends Glitch Shows Who Of Your Facebook Friends Are Banging

I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any hits …

A Facebook glitch, found here, currently allows you to see all of your friends that are signed up for BangWithFriends, the sexy app that makes hooking up a breeze. Unfortunately, exactly zero of my FB friends are signed up for the free service. So either I’m uncool, or BangWithFriends and/or Facebook have patched the leak (the two services don’t exactly work in conjunction with one another).

BangWithFriends works by allowing you to sign up (like I said, for free) and pick your fellow Facebook users that you want to hook up with. If they are signed in to the app and select you back, then BangWithFriends lets both parties know — so then the sexy can happen.


Awkwardly though, with this new glitch being the talk of the web, all of the app’s roughly 800,000 registered users are now forced into an awkward conversation with their friends, families or [gasp] spouses.

Fear not though, if you are a relatively new user to the site — there’s been a statement from the BangWithFriends crew courtesy of Digital Trends:

Anonymous creator of BangWithFriends “C” just sent this statement over regarding the privacy issue:

We take privacy very seriously at Bang With Friends and the vast majority of users will not show up in such a search. If you installed the app after January, you won’t show up (unless you manually changed your privacy setting).

We launched right before Facebook’s Graph Search functionality opened up to a wider audience. For the first few days after we launched, the default setting in Facebook when a user installed our app was set to the user’s default setting for all apps. For many users, that was “Public” or “Friends”.

We quickly adjusted this (back in January) once we realized that Graph Search did this. After we discovered this issue, we made the default for our app “Only Me.”

Any user who installed our app after January should have seen that default setting and will not show up in Graph Search (nor the link you provided in the article). For any users who do show up, you have full control over this in your Facebook settings as you mentioned:

Alright, so that just means I’m uncool. Or that all my friends signed up after January (that must be it … *cough*).

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