Black People Are ‘Most Judgmental’: Singer Miguel Has A ‘Leg Drop’ Meme & Now A Twitter Rant

Poor Miguel — May has not been a good month for his street cred.

The mononymous R&B singer’s downward trend began on May 19 when, at the Billboard Music Awards, he attempted to leap over a pit of cheering fans and failed, downing two of them with his legs in the process. The resulting jump-turned-comical-meme has spread across the web like crabs at a beach orgy. Now, he’s making a Kanye West-style spectacle on Twitter.

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Tweeting that “black people are the most judgmental people in the world,” his comment came in the midst of a string of rant-filled blasts after a fan claimed that Miguel had “sold his soul” with the release of a new song. Miguel responded by calling the man an “idiot” and a “zealot” in a since-deleted tweet, but the rest of his rant remains, and, for the moment, Miguel is sticking by it.

The commenter, @WllGlover that posted the original critique appears to have shut down his Twitter account in the aftermath, but since then, other users of the micro-blogging platform have been taking sides, no doubt showing Miguel that, race-aside, it is actually social media users who are the most judgmental people in the world.

Miguel, here’s hoping June works out better for you — after all, the 20th is “Martyr’s Day.”