BuzzFeed Announces YouTube Expansion Initiative Starting With L.A. Production Studio

Since September, the BuzzFeed Video YouTube channel has received over 170 million views across more than 500 videos, but for the viral tastemakers, that’s not good enough.

Launching today, BuzzFeed will begin massive expansion campaigns for their online video operations. In addition, BuzzFeed has announced plans for a Los Angeles-based digital video studio created solely for the production of YouTube content.

The new video initiative will be headed by BuzzFeed’s Executive Vice President of Video, Ze Frank.

“From web video’s infancy to a massive shift to mobile video viewing, the community and ecosystem of YouTube is at the heart of the social web. BuzzFeed’s massive audience is hungry for new, interesting video formats, YouTube gets that better than anyone and we’re elated to be working with them,” said Frank.

In conjunction with the release of BuzzFeed’s new digital studio, the site will be partnering with news outlet CNN to launch “CNN BuzzFeed,” which will use CNN’s extensive archive of video footage to create — you guessed it — “unique mash-up news videos.” So, expect a ton of Arab Springs footage scored to Skrillex.

Frank explains the partnership: “ is one of the biggest, strongest news sites in the world. We are thrilled to work with their talented team and to tap into their incredible archive of footage as we try to crack original news video for the social web.”

BuzzFeed Video plans to further expand their operations in the coming months with the addition of multiple channels from a variety of creators.

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