Canadian Student’s Viral Class Project Boosts His YouTube Career [VIDEO]

YouTube is not just a platform for vlogs and new media entertainment — it’s also a platform for students trying to work on their class projects. Canadian high school student Csaba Nagy’s social studies project video, however, is giving him more than just an excellent grade in class.

Last year, the 15-year-old created a 30-second concept ad for the iPhone 6, which featured the phone with a clear screen and with enhanced security features such as fingerprint recognition. The video presentation not only went well in his class but has also started getting views worldwide.

Nagy told Global News: “During the summer of last year, it kind of picked up momentum and was getting hundreds of thousands of views daily.”

Now the high school student has nearly 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 15 million video views. He has used his earnings from his videos to buy professional video equipment to film his latest video, “Cycles,” which won best film at the Edmonton Catholic Schools Film Festival.

See Nagy’s iPhone 6 concept in the viral video above.

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