Cats Share Stories Of Their Daily Struggles Living In The Human World In ‘Sad Cat Diaries’ Viral Video

Sad cats, why are you so sad?

To round out my third — yeah count ‘em, b*tches — cat article of the day, I decided to bring it home today with a grand finale. The best of the best for cat-adoring fans such as yourselves.  Better than the video of the cat riding around on a mini vacuum dressed in a shark costume chasing a baby duck, “Sad Cat Diary” is everything I needed this Wednesday afternoon when the lull of the workday started to creep up on me. Accompanied by background music of a mournful bugle horn, the video is a compilation of cats sharing their frustrations with over-petting, water dishes and screen doors. It’s a hard knock life for these fluffy adorable felines.

And to make you more of a crazy cat lover:

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