Cleveland Kidnapping Hero’s Sensational TV Interview Goes Viral [VIDEO]

After Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown went viral with their hilarious local television station interviews, it seems like no one else could be just as hilarious.

Lo’ and behold, a Cleveland news team found their Antoine Dodson in Charles Ramsey. The resident, who has been called a hero for rescuing three women and a child who have been missing for a decade, doesn’t hold back during his interview with a local television station. He casually mentions that he’s “barbecued with this dude [the suspect], we eat ribs and what not, listen to salsa music.”

Ramsey’s money quote came when he told the reporter that something was wrong when “a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms.” It’s a “dead giveaway,” he adds.

With Antoine Dodson finding a higher power and Sweet Brown having no time for more interviews, it looks like Charles Ramsey takes the crown as current king of TV news memes. Here’s hoping he enjoys his 15 seconds of YouTube fame to the fullest.

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