Comedian Kyle Dunnigan Talks Dating Sarah Silverman, ‘Reno 911’ and His New Nickelodeon Show [INTERVIEW]


Kyle Dunnigan has a basketball hoop mounted to the living room wall of his house.

He didn’t mention it, I didn’t ask about it, but it is there because I saw it when he was initially adjusting his camera for our interview. If that were it, that would be enough to make the comedian/writer/actor cooler than you — but then throw into the mix that he hosts a podcast with Tig Notaro, writes on the new Amy Schumer series (“Inside Amy Schumer”) and is dating the hilarious and hot Sarah Silverman, and suddenly you begin to realize that basketball hoop is somehow a magnet for beautiful, funny chicks. Or it might be that sly Kyle Dunnigan is on the cusp of becoming a household name.


You’ve likely seen him before — he was on “In the Flow with Affion Crockett,” “Lez Chat,” and, of course, he played the seminal role of “Skippy” in “Spanish Fly.” Wait — you’ve never heard of any of those projects either? Well, how about his recurring role as the (sort-of spoiler alert) serial killer Craig on “Reno 911”? Like I said, he’s on the cusp of breaking out — in a year or so, you will go back and say, “Hey, I’ll be damned! The Kyle Dunnigan was interviewed by living God and savior of all mankind, hot-as-fucking-roof-nails-and-three-times-as-sexy Jeff Klima?! Wow, talk about a star-studded interview!” Set your watches, people, it’s gonna happen.

His podcast is solid — it’s called “Professor Blastoff” and it’s designed to make you laugh while making you smarter, which I dig on big time. He’s also got a hush-hush new show that he is developing for Nickelodeon, and he does stand-up, so check out his website ( Lastly, and perhaps most relevant to NMR, he’s gone viral numerous times with his character-driven YouTube bits. Damn, the guy’s got his fingers in a lot of pies — of course the hottest one belongs to Sarah Silverman. Too dirty? It’s Kyle Dunnigan and Sarah Silverman — I don’t think it’s dirty enough. Definitely check this guy out — if Sarah’s down for the cause, you know he’s worth a damn.

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