Conan O’Brien Goes Through ‘Reconstructive Surgery’ After Following Michelle Phan’s Beauty Tips [VIDEO]

Back in February, YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan uploaded a video titled “3 Beauty Tips With a Spoon,” giving her viewers tips on how they could incorporate spoons into their daily beauty routine. The video has since racked up almost 1.4 million views with overall positive feedback from viewers.

Today, television host Conan O’Brien uploaded a response video claiming that Michelle Phan’s tips did not work for him.

Brien claims that after following her beauty tips with the spoon, the spoon ended up getting stuck to his eye and had to get medevaced to the hospital. He then went through a 14-hour operation to remove the frozen spoon from his eye. Brien also says he lost his sight for four months, subsequently going through reconstructive surgery and racking up $245,000 in medical fees.

You can watch Brien’s video below:

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