Content Sales Platform Pivotshare Unveils Video Download, ‘Tip Jar’ Functionalities for Creators


Pivotshare, a startup that helps content creators monetize their videos on a commission basis, has updated its self-service platform to allow creators to sell their videos on iOS and Android devices and a “tip jar” functionality that lets fans donate money to creators to support their work.

In a statement promoting the release of the new features, Pivotshare founder Adam Mosam said: “We are now empowering our users to sell their content in new ways and we give them the flexibility to combine multiple payment models on a single channel. The simplicity of the platform hasn’t changed. Start a channel, upload your media, set a price and start selling.”

Previously, content creators could only offer their videos on a rental or subscription basis, but the recent update allows them to charge viewers for video downloads. Pivotshare’s mobile apps will also let viewers watch content through their tablets or smartphones.

Besides selling their videos on Pivotshare, content creators can also use the new “tip jar” functionality to conduct fundraising for projects or just let fans give them a token of appreciation for their videos.

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