‘Corman’s Drive-In’ YouTube Pay Channel To Feature More Than 400 Classic Roger Corman Films


Now that YouTube’s just announced its first 30 partners for subscription-based programming, a Hollywood B-movie legend is opening up his own paid subscription YouTube channel that will feature 400-plus of his classic films including “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Death Race 2000.”

Along with his producer wife Julie, filmmaker Roger Corman, who is well known for producing low-budget B movies and mentoring well-known directors like Ron Howard and Francis Ford Coppola, will launch “Corman’s Drive-In” this summer. The couple have not yet stated how much viewers will have to pay for content.

Roger Corman explained why he chose to feature these films on YouTube in a statement: “I have always approached filmmaking with the desire to reach a broad audience, and YouTube is clearly where the viewers are now. In today’s ever-connected marketplace, I couldn’t think of a better platform on which to unveil “Corman’s Drive-In.”

Besides their library of movies, “Corman’s Drive-In” will also have interviews with directors and actors that have worked with the Cormans over the years. In the future, “Corman’s Drive-In” will also feature new titles that will be produced under the Cormans’s production company New Horizons Picture Corp.

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