DanceOn’s ‘The Edge’ Documents David Guetta’s Allegedly Racist Video ‘Play Hard’

David Guetta’s latest music video “Play Hard” with Ne-Yo and Akon has gone viral with more than 11 million views, yet the video has courted controversy from critics who are calling foul over what they call racist and stereotypical depictions of Mexicans as reported by Fox News Latino.

The guys at the DanceOn YouTube channel are painting the music video in a different light by going behind the scenes of Guetta’s “Play Hard” in their latest episode of the mini-documentary series “The Edge,” which follows and interviews dancers about their experiences and how they prepare for a music video.

This episode follows Guetta, Ne-Yo, Akon and their dancers as they film the music video for “Play Hard” in Mexico City. The featured dancers include tribalero group Los Socios, French dancing duo Les Twins, Colombian classically-trained dancer Natalie and Mexican breakdancer Ariel Ruiz.

In a statement, Guetta said that “Play Hard” was a very passionate project for him and that despite the differences in style, all the dancers had a common sense of spirit and positivity.

He added: “The diverse culture along with the passionate and beautiful people are so inspiring which is why I chose to have Mexican dancers in the video and to shoot in the capital city. Each character has a real true story which we filmed and are able to show how they live for their passion in this behind the scenes docu-series. Natalie works hard and dances  hard for her passion, the ‘pointy boots crew’ are for real, they live for their passion and Ariel who beat my friends’ Les Twins in the dance off got to see his dream to be in a video come true. He dances all day and got to see how hard work can truly pay off.”

You can see how “Play Hard” was made in the video above and see the music video below.

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