Dead Giveaway: Charles Ramsey Gets A Great Gregory Brothers Autotune [VIDEO]

I envision a future in which the Gregory Brothers, purveyors of all that is great and/or famous in auto-tuning the news, run everything. They’ve honed their craft down to a science, and there is a certain amount of ridiculousness to their actions which I deeply respect. Firstly, they simply put out the best and most catchy versions of auto-tuned public events — and then follow it up by pimping the life out of said autotune. Now, granted, there is room for improvement. I envision there being T-shirts, hats and a low-cal margarita mix version of the auto-tuned event within hours of it happening.

Take the video of Charles Ramsey, the finest person to ever come out of Ohio (save for all the astronauts — maybe). He is the one who found those kidnapped girls the news is going nuts over. After his terrific news spiel, you knew there would be an auto-tune version — and there were several, but of course the Gregory Brothers version was not only the catchiest, but I am considering buying it for my ringtone (“American Boy” is starting to piss people off).

And then, at the end of the video, one of the brothers, probably Evan, hops on to tell me that not only can I do my own auto-tuning via purchasing their app, but I can also check out a folksy cover of their auto-tuned song on their second channel. They’re using vertical integration to control the entire process of auto-tuning! Pretty soon, there will be an auto-tuned version of the folksy cover of the auto-tuned Charles Ramsey speech! And how long until the Gregory Brothers start blowing up planes and crashing trains a la Samuel L. Jackson’s character in “Unbreakable” just so they have a bevvy of good soundbites? Mark my words — one man saw it coming.

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