Deer (Possibly High On Bath Salts) Crashes Into A Bus, Lives To Tell About It [VIDEO]

See, this is why I live in the city

In what is likely going to be the crazy video shown on all the talk shows and popping up on all the trending video sites, this deer “attacking” a bus is going to make you gasp, then laugh, then gasp some more. It’s like Generation C’s version of E.T.

I don’t know where this goes down, but thank god this poor bastard’s bus is empty, as a deer, captured on security footage, absolutely slams through the front windshield of his city bus and then proceeds to A. live and B. flail frantically about the bus.

While we don’t get any closure on the video, I like to believe that this deer made it off the bus and then goes on to become deer Jesus. But the likely reality is that it will probably be shot by some hillbilly child wielding a crossbow. It will likely limp on for a while, and then slowed by the crossbow bolt sticking out of its kneecap, it will drop and be consumed by a coyote pack. Nature, man [Jeff takes hit off a poorly rolled joint], it’s a b*tch.

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