Dog Twerks To Song ‘Shake That,’ But Is He A Dance Prodigy Or Victim Of Ass Rash?

Sorry, but this dog is way cooler than your dog (and you for that matter). Sure your dog can sit, roll over and play dead, but could they be your wingman at a club? Could they win a breakdance competition all on their own? No, no they could not.

Harley, an overweight, mutt-looking dog, is letting his sweet moves do all the talking as he gets down and dirty in a YouTube video to Eminem’s song “Shake That.” While there is no doubt Harley is one awesome pup, the comments below the video are divided between a love of the little canine’s moves and a concern for his ass. So is Harley a dancing natural, destined to appear in next season’s “Dancing With The Stars,” or is he just a dog with a hot spot on his butt that needs scratching? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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