‘Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches – Men’ Video Shows How Men Really See Themselves

Gather around, kids, and let me tell you a little story about beauty. Once upon a time, in a land far away from the smog and traffic of Los Angeles, there was a man named Narcissus. Now Narcissus was a very handsome man — well, at least he and his mother thought so; everyone else was on the fence. One day, while waiting for the walk sign to turn green, Narcissus caught sight of himself in a puddle of gutter water. “Who is this god from above?” he cried, as he tried to turn away from his own perfect smile and crystal blue eyes. But like many great men before him — Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Affleck — Narcissus got lost in his own eyes, and there he stood, at the corner of First and Flower Street until the day he dropped. Now, you may ask, was that man actually beautiful? And the answer is, probably not, but when it comes to men and their reflections, they just can’t get enough.

While women have the tendency to belittle their own beauty, pointing to all the flaws of their body rather than assets, the video “Dove Real Beauty Sketches – Men” YouTube video is here to share that men are not really as beautiful as they may think. Check out the original video here.

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