Ed Bassmaster Got Kicked Out Of YouTube’s Comedy Show Last Night Like A True Hero

Ed Bassmaster might just be my new favorite person. The YouTube sketch comedian and prank proprietor took his beloved character “Skippy” for a run last night at the live YouTube Comedy Week event held at the Culver Studios.

Strangely for a comedy show, the live event’s staff were not into it. During a performance by the cast of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics,” the comedian, in full Skippy regalia, stormed the stage to tell the guys he was a big fan.

According to Bassmaster, Skippy’s impromptu appearance on stage was not planned and, as seen in the video above, resulted in Skippy being promptly kicked from the show.

The YouTuber wrote on Twitter:


It’s not completely surprising that Skippy was kicked out of the show; barging onstage, no matter how easygoing an event purports to be, is still kind of a dick move. But, when you invite Bassmaster to a live event, you should probably expect some level of dickery.

All was resolved in the end, however. Bassmaster updated his fans on Twitter, writing:


All in all, this guy killed it at an otherwise less than spectacular comedy show. Also, judging by his Twitter feed, this guy gives no fucks about just tweeting Skrillex like it’s something to be done. Ed Bassmaster, you’re doing it right.


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