‘Emerging Talent Tracker’ Platform Allows Users to Find New YouTube Stars


Advertising agency Digitas and digital tracking company Outrigger Media have announced a platform designed to find the next YouTube star in real time, Advertising Age reported. They revealed the “Emerging Talent Tracker” during a presentation to advertisers at the NewFront presentations.

Outrigger Media already tracks the top YouTube performers through its Open Slate database of 50,000 channels and 25 million videos. Digitas is using Open Slate’s algorithm to find the next YouTuber as soon as they start posting their videos.

Data from the “Emerging Talent Tracker” will be mainly helpful to advertisers who want to target the specific audiences that belong to emerging YouTubers.

Digitas senior vice president John McCarus told Advertising Age: “Access to emerging talent is a powerful opportunity for brands looking to figure out where to place their bets.”

Outrigger CEO Mike Henry added: “Locking in rising stars can deliver significant earned media value as well as specific credibility with a focused audience.”

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