Epic ‘Project Kronos’ Short Film Delves Into the Possible Future of Interstellar Space Travel

Wow. Just … wow. Give me a minute while I process this bit of incredible sci-fi badassery.

Okay. I’m back now.

This short film from London-based VFX wizard Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull shows us a not-too-distant future in the dawn of interstellar space travel. We have bypassed the creation of supercomputers and have instead harnessed the greatest, organically constructed computer known to man: the human mind. Being forever allured by all that is space, I was immediately sucked in upon hearing the words of President John F. Kennedy’s iconic “man on the moon” speech, and as I watched, I started getting that weird chill crawling up my spine (or it was the A/C — it’s friggin’ hot outside).

The documentary-style shooting, damn near-perfect visual styling and effects, and a well thought-out plot and storyline hurdle this short beyond the line of what is considered “online video” and into Hollywood film territory. Rightfully so, as “HaZ” has worked on several big budget Hollywood films including “The Dark Knight” and “Prince of Persia.” A write-up over on io9 states that since the short film’s release, Dulull has picked up a fancy agent and is currently in the process of turning his short into a full feature. Hopefully this is true, because … um …