Ex-Pimp & Rapper Kreayshawn Brings The Real Talk Against Teen Pregnancy In Tumblr Post

There is a long list of people who I believe, for the betterment of society, should not reproduce: Charlie Sheen, Michael Vick, my tenth grade biology teacher, Lindsay Lohan, most of my coworkers, Amanda Bynes, Carrot Top, clowns, Mischa Barton, Courtney Love, Verne Troyer (Mini Me from “Austin Powers”), the Kardashians and Kreayshawn.

You remember Kreayshawn, right? She’s the one-hit wonder of “Gucci Gucci” (“Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada” — yeah that song) fame. The 23-year-old ex-pimp, ex-drug dealer and soon-to-be mother took to her Tumblr today to share with fans a message about taking safe sex seriously to prevent teen pregnancy. And while growing a little life inside you could be seen as magical, Kreayshawn breaks that illusion to tell others, “It sucks.”


With May ringing in National Prevent Teen Pregnancy Month, Kreayshawn joins other celebrities such as Carly Rae Jepsen to speak out against the growing number of teen pregnancies. “Call Me Maybe” sensation Jepsen has become the face of fashion brand Candies’ teen pregnancy prevention posters that read “You’re supposed to be changing the world … not changing diapers.” Sure Jepsen’s campaign is sweet, but when it comes down to it, Kreayshawn’s real talk is the thing that is going to have kids slapping on the rubbers this summer. Because really, who wants to give up their slutty crop tops? I know I don’t.

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