Facebook Makes Forbes’ Fortune 500 List For First Time


Need proof that Facebook’s stock is worth more than toilet paper? Well then, look no further than Forbes Magazine’s “Top 500 Companies” list (as ranked by revenue) where, for the first time ever, the social media behemoth made the cut. And it took just nine years and becoming a publicly traded company to achieve it.

Sure, they’re down at number 482, but Mark Zuckerberg, 28, is also the youngest CEO on the list, so expect his company to trend upwards right along with him. Last year, the company was ranked down at the 598 spot, so the increase of over 100 places shows strong growth for the company, which has recently begun to find its footing and profitability.

While Walmart is, as expected, number one on the list again, Apple managed to break into the top ten this year for the first time. According to Leigh Gallagher, in an interview with CBS News, “The story with Apple has been its profits. If you were to rank the Fortune 500 by profits only [instead of revenues], they would be number two behind Exxon.” Instead, the company sits at number 6 — surprising, considering their recent stock downturns.

Also in relevancy (to us, anyhow), Google is sitting pretty at 55. But who knows for how long — is anyone on that list safe with an iceberg like Facebook lurking?

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