Fake Psy Parties at Cannes Film Festival, Real Psy Tweets His Approval


Psy, the South Korean viral sensation was partying it up with some celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival recently … wait a minute … that’s not Psy.

In actuality, a Psy imposter infiltrated the French festival, attending parties, events and photo ops. The unidentified lookalike even posed for pictures with celebrities including “Skyfall” Actress Naomie Harris, Adrien Brody and Portland Trailblazers player Nicolas Batum. On Wednesday, the actual Psy tweeted all the way from Singapore: “Seems like there’s another ME at Cannes … say HI to him @scooterbraun lol #PsyinSingapore,”. Psy, not only are you living up your new single “Gentleman,” but that was quite the gentlemanly response of you.


The Psy-clone wore Psy’s signature round glasses along with his fitted suit, and lived it up for two whole days at the film festival. According to Atlantic Wire,  the imposter attended many “secret parties” which included events hosted by the jewelry company Chopard and fashion designer Goga Ashkenazi.

That’s not all, folks. He also booked an appearance with Monaco’s Better World Awards, scammed for free drinks at the Torch Beach Club and taught other people how to do it “Gangnam Style” at the French radio station, Radio Prestige.

The imposter even hired three “security guards” to accompany him as a part of his charade which the New York Post has dubbed a “PSYch.”By all accounts, the fake Psy seemed to have had a real good time.

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