Fired Server From Awful ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Restaurant Sounds Off On Reddit

The cycle of cringe-worthy bad press for arguably the best/worst “Kitchen Nightmares” participants ever continues to roll along.

Days after the owners of Amy’s Baking Company had a total threat level-5 meltdown via Facebook, which included such hits as: “Come to here, I will fucking show you all,” recently fired server Katy Cipriano sounded off on Reddit sharing her insanity-fueled story.


The fateful episode, in which Cipriano was fired, was so explosive in fact, that host Gordon Ramsay, for the first time in the show’s history, decided to call it quits on Amy’s Baking Company.

Cipriano, after being fired on camera for allegedly talking back to head chef and co-owner Amy, took to Reddit to explain that although the events were condensed in editing, the firing wasn’t staged and was part of a larger series of events.

Cipriano wrote on Reddit:

“she had messed up a certain table’s appetizer dish 3 or 4 times IN A ROW. and it made me look like an idiot because i was their server and the table was getting increasingly agitated. so when she told me to deliver the appetizer yet again, i asked “are you sure?” – not meaning to sound bratty or mean or anything.”


The ex-server also verified that the entire experience was 100 percent genuine, something that the restaurant’s owners disputed in their several-day-long social media flipout. After being asked by one Redditor if this was the craziest thing she had ever seen the owners do, Cipriano responded by saying:

“by far yes! they cut it off short but the first night, after samy brutally yelled at and laid his hands on that one customer, the cops did end up being called and everyone had to leave the restaurant and the producers had to pay for everyone’s meals.”

The Reddit thread has since gained over 9,000 comments, further pushing Amy’s Baking Company into the worst possible kind of limelight.


There’s a happy ending for Cipriano however, as she explained in the post, “The restaurant i work at now feeds me daily and lets me try just about all of their dishes.”


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