Google And Facebook In Rumored $1 Billion Bidding War Over Waze Travel App


Let the auction begin!

Reported this week, Waze travel app is said to be the subject of a $1 billion bidding war between Facebook and Google. Both companies have shown interest in tying the apps “social travel” features into their social media platforms to provide a more comprehensive experience for users.

The Waze app lets users share up-to-date traffic and road alerts with others in their area. It has become one of the most popular “social travel” apps with a community of over 40 million users.

While Facebook and Google have been named the top contenders in the bid, Waze is said to be in talks with numerous companies and looking to sell the company for nothing short of $1 billion. During the last couple of weeks, talks between Facebook and Waze have become public spurring Google to waste no time throwing its hat into the bidding ring as well. The Waze bidding war comes soon after Yahoo’s recent purchase of Tumblr for $1.1 billion. And while Yahoo has already expressed that Tumblr will continue to run as an independent company, should either Google or Facebook buy Waze, the app would most likely be integrated into the companies already established services.

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