Google & Microsoft Bury The Hatchet, Begin Working On Windows Phone YouTube App

I like to imagine that Larry Page, Google co-founder and future asteroid miner, was quietly stewing in his Mountain View penthouse cursing Microsoft and that damned unauthorized YouTube app of theirs when he opened an email containing the following picture:


To which Page said, “Goddammit, if they can get along so can we.” This strange anecdote is naturally a lead-in to the recent news that Microsoft and Google have officially begun development on a YouTube application for Windows Phones.

After a very ugly dispute, which involved a cease and desist letter from Google followed by a Microsoft-issued public shaming, the two tech giants have officially buried the hatchet. A joint statement from the companies confirms that the app will be built around YouTube’s iFrame API.

Google’s previous complaints that the current Windows Phone version featured no ads and gave users the option to download videos will surely be laid to rest once the new cooperatively-built application launches later next month.

Look at that — finally a friendly resolution among the overlords of the internet. I think we all needed that long weekend.


Via The Next Web

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