Google Play Boasts 48 Billion App Downloads, Narrowing Gap With Apple


While Apple’s App Store is inching towards 50 billion app downloads and giving away one $10,000 iTunes gift card to celebrate its milestone, Google Play is trying to close the gap between the two rival app platforms.

TechCrunch reported that during Google’s annual I/O developer conference, the company’s Vice President of Product Management Hugo Barra said that Google Play has counted more than 48 billion app downloads. In the last two months alone, Android users have downloaded more than 2.5 billion apps.

With the gap between Google Play and App Store narrowing to around 2 billion app downloads at the moment, the App Store will have to vigorously defend its position as the top app platform over the next year. TechCrunch suggested that at the rate that Google Play is growing, it could surpass the App Store in total app downloads in a few months.

Formerly known as the Android Market, Google Play launched a few months after Apple’s App Store in October 2008. It allows Android tablet and smartphone users to download over 800,000 free or paid apps. Although more Google Play apps have been downloaded compare to the App Store, Canalys reported in April that the App Store still generates more revenue than Google Play. It took around 74 percent of app revenue during the first quarter of this year.

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