Gritty Reboots Re-imagines Your Childhood in Movie Trailer Format [INTERVIEW]

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When you have “gritty” in the name of your company and you make fake movie trailers like the sweet, nightmare-inducing one for “Goodnight Moon,” I anticipate that you yourself are going to be a little rough around the edges. Maybe one of you has an eyepatch, another has a knife scar across their jugular that looks like a jack-o-lantern’s mouth — you know, hardasses.

Instead, I interviewed a quartet of pleasant chaps who all look like they are auditioning for the lead in a big screen adaptation of “Where’s Waldo?”. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you; I was just momentarily taken aback. It’s like expecting rape-y backwoodsmen and instead getting the Apple Dumpling Gang. But it’s not about the creators so much as it is about the work, and the work is good — great, even.

Recreating movie trailers is not a new concept — Gritty Reboots did not invent the wheel here, but they maybe just built the Lamborghini that that wheel is attached to. Working off the script of the world’s collective childhood (well, the relevant world anyhow), David “Zim” Zimmerman, Steven Hudson, David Hudson and Forest Gibson have teamed up to provide a skewed vision of pop culture that is itself, terrific pop culture. It is Deep Purple’s view of the Montreux Casino burning down — as opposed to Frank Zappa’s — if you’re grooving on that particular train (Jeff passes the doob).

And so you can ride this particular train, we’ve included a couple of their “gritty reboots” in with our interview of the guys, including their brand new “Knowledge Is Good” one that spins PBS and its “all-stars” into an Avengers-style vigilante squad. Yeah, make no mistake about it — these guys all look like they should be named “Chip,” but they are definitely gritty where it counts.

The full interview is below, but if you’re sitting in class or a library or are at a funeral we’ve decided to “wet your beak” a little with a partial transcript, below.

NMR: Where did the idea of Gritty Reboots the channel come from?

Forest: Well one of the things we found was that there was this trend in Hollywood of lots of gritty movies being made. Look at the new “Batman,” the new “Superman” that is coming out, all these movies that are gritty, and we just thought, how could we compile that into a YouTube channel that is about stuff we love to do, which is cool action trailers that follows kind of a trend that is happening already.

How do you guys choose your projects that are going to get the reboot?

David: One of the big things that we do is at the end of the videos we show up and say, “Hey, tell us what you would like to see rebooted next,” and our subscribers leave comments below the video just talking about tossing out a ton of ideas, and we pick and choose from there to see what our favorites are, what we think have a lot of potential and which have been uploaded the most so that is one of the sources.

Steven: We try to tie two things together, like with the “Pokemon Snap” video we took some piece of nostalgia “Pokemon Snap” and mixed it with “Jurassic Park,” which was re-releasing in theatres to try and get some buzz around vlogs. And we have some upcoming videos that do kind of the same: take a piece of nostalgia, add it to something that is popular at the moment.

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