Grumpy Cat Joins Prestigious Wall Street Journal ‘Stipple’ Portrait Club


First the internet’s heart, then the big screen (allegedly) and now The Wall Street Journal. Grumpy Cat, is there anything you can’t conquer?

Grumpy cat (birth name: Tardar Sauce) has joined the prestigious Wall Street Journal “stipple” portrait club, which honors the most-relevant, most-influential names in world culture. Grumpy Cat will share the honor with upper-echelon types like of President Barack Obama, Donald Rumsfeld and the recently added hamburger magnate Ronald McDonald.

A “stipple” drawing, as can be seen in the Grumpy Cat portrait, involves an artist creating variations of light and shadow by using small drawn dots.

The portrait was featured in a recent WSJ article that detailed the meteoric rise of Grumpy Cat including recent movie deal rumors that have been swirling around the web since yesterday.

Next stop for Grumpy Cat: a bid for empress of the internet and/or president of the world.


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