Hide Yo Kids! It’s The 5 Worst Moms on YouTube [WARNING! DISTURBING VIDEOS]

I swear this list started out light-hearted! The original fifth entry on the list was this mom cat who took off, abandoning her newborn kittens as soon as a perceived “threat” appeared. It was sort of cute, sort of tragic — the perfect combination for #5 on a “bad moms of YouTube” list just before Mother’s Day. But then I started to delve into the darkness that was bad moms. And folks, fuck that cat. With the sheer nightmare parade of crazy, bad mothers out there, I couldn’t justifiably allow “cute.” No, this is an EVIL list — far eclipsing the “5 Creepiest Videos on YouTube” list I did around Halloween time. The sheer amount of screaming, angry, slapping mother videos I had to go through to find five of the worst — no way am I trusting any lady with harvesting my seed.

If anything, this list is the perfect list to run just before Mother’s Day, because it hopefully makes you want to call up your own mother and thank her for being so goddamn nice to you.

5. Mom Lets Toddler Take A Bong Hit

This one surprised me at number 5, because when I started this list, I think I had it, in my mind, at number 2. It lands at number 5 because this lady doesn’t seem to have any actual malice towards her kid — she just doesn’t seem to regard it at all. It’s like her toddler son is just some party favor to amuse her friends.

4. Walmart Mom Drops Her Daughter Out of Cart

Probably the most controversial video on the list, this one begs that age-old question of “Was it intentional?” The description of the video explains that the mom involved had been loudly screaming at her child in the Walmart for like 10 minutes before the filmer turned their cameraphone on. What we witness is rough — the mom, “distracted on a cell phone,” yanks the cart while her young daughter is standing up in it. The daughter does a header onto the tile and then, when confronted, her mom EXPLODES with the sort of crazy rage that only an evil mom could have. Also, note the cast on the daughter’s arm. Soccer accident? It seems a little suspicious to me.

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